Airport Closure in Nigeria Due VIP Movement


Capt. Martin Okunpolor

Airport Closure in Nigeria Due VIP Movement. See What a Pilot Posted on Facebook concerning Subject:

“Yesterday afternoon the Lagos airport was closed for airplanes taking off /Landing for almost one hour cos the Vice President was coming into Lagos. This closure cascaded into my line of flights delayed for over an hour(😡). I had to apologize to over 100 disgruntled passengers on my flight for this delay.
So happened that two weeks ago I flew into Accra just as the president of Ghana was about departing in his presidential jet and guess what? the airfield wasn’t closed for one second.
These lengthy closures disrupt airline schedules and hurt them financially in the pocket.”

Hmmmm…i thought we have gone past this. It is not a pleasant experience at all for Passengers and Crew Members to be stuck in a Confined Airplane Cabin for an hour. In such situations the Pressure on the Crew increases. Apologies will not pacify the passengers…


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