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Memoirs of a Flight Attendant

Ladies and Gentlement, we have commenced our final descent into Portharcourt international airport…….” That was me making the landing announcement. But i paused suddenly when i noticed confusion on the faces of the more than eighty passengers

Memoirs of a Flight Attendant

Is flying an exciting and adventurous Job?  If you ask me, without mincing words i would say YES! Flying is one job that gives you the opportunity to travel to many destinations of the world. Meet with

Memoirs Of a Flight Attendant

  My early days in flying was really a learning curve for me. First Lesson learnt: What we are taught in theory is sometimes very different from the practical experience. This played out on my first flight.

Memoirs of a Flight Attendant

  Memoirs of a Flight Attendant: Finally i have the nerve to do this. i actually nursed the idea years ago to put my experience into a book, but the demands of the job made it impossible. Well
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